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vrieseaAugust 11, 2009

Ok guys,most people have problems with this stuff and rightfully so but? (there's allways a but) i have used it for years on my buildings (and on Tamera's and a bit on Fran's)NO PROBLEMS AT ALL,why? well you have to paint the stuff all the way round, oil base is best but slowest ,a top qualtity exterior acrylic such as Dulux weather shield in either gloss or low sheen 2 coats,does it nicely ,trust me .I am a profesional contract painter (52 years in business) and it locks the compounds up nicely ,but paint it on all surfaces and where you cut it as well ,a medium green is good to look at and if the colour is not to dark it does not make the timber warp from heat built up on top of roof battens ,?white is best so the shadecloth/polycarb, sheets do not deteriate from the heat . Do not use a CHEAP PRODUCT such as Acrylic fence stain (aprox $15 for 10 litres) it is coloured water and does not work! a good paint should cost around $50 to $70 Aust dollars for 4 litres , you get what you pay for ,this has worked for me for since ever these timbers came on the market,I thought i would just mention this because there seems a lot of needless damage done to plants,also if you plan to built using Galvanized metal ? the zinc leaching out can also damage But? (there it is again ) if you wipe the metal with vinegar (use generously) let dry and then hose of after 1 -2 hrs that will cure that problem.You can use white or red wine but the temptation than is a bit great hmmm? trust this bit of info is of use to some of you ,any queries on paints etc ? i will try to answer ok ? Jack

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Jack, I'm very interested in what you have to say about the galvanised metal! Do you only use that vinegar treatmant ONCE and then never again? And you do not paint it after the treatment?


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Hi Japie ,you only use the vinegar once and no follow up treatment or paint is required ,on old weathered metal its not needed but on new gal metal yes do it for sure its cheap,effective and good insurance.

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Thanks for the tip, I like treated pine but was too scared to use it anywhere near my broms.


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