Which Hippis are evergreen??

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)December 20, 2008

Every now and then someone mentions a certain Hippi (Papilio for example) as being evergreen. Their leaves shouldn't be cut, dormancy not forced, etc. Does someone have a list of the usual "evergreen" varieties and how to care for them vs the usual forcing of dormancy for winter blooms? Do they bloom year round, etc.

Just curious as I have Papilio and Lima (2 of the evergreens mentioned) and I want to offer them the best of care.



PS...I'm guessing Evergreen isn't an "evergreen"... :-)

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

As you say, some forms of papilio.....note that not all forms of papilio are evergren...it depends on where they originated from (where in Brasil)!!! Some forms of H. striatum are evergreen. I think all H. blossfeldiae are evergreen, but do not quote me on that one as there are likely some forms that are not that I am not familiar with. I have a hybrid from OZ that is evergreen, but I decided to force it into dormancy to see if I can get it to flower. The tiny hybrid that Pat has sent to several of us (and I have now sent out over 200 offsets as well) is also totally evergreen, but again, I forced dormancy to try to get it to flower.

I think once you get to far past F1 into the Dutch, SA and other hybrids that they are very few true evergreen variants, but it will be interesting to see what others say :o) Dan

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I can only comment on the bulbs I personally have...

Papilio may be considered an evergreen bulb, but my Papilio from Royal Colors recently took a break, dropping its leaves and resting for a time. It began to grow again after its short nap, and now has several large leaves. It began its nap in late summer.

I also have a couple of young Papilios, not quite of flowering age, but close... neither one has rested since I've had them, but none of my youngsters have taken naps yet.

The only other bulbs that don't seem to lose all of their leaves at any time are the two Germa bulbs I have.

The Striatum bulbs haven't been with me long enough to gauge whether they'll nap or not.

The Hadeco varieties all seem to take long naps, but that may be due to the fact that they traveled halfway around the world just last year! I'd be tired, too!

The cybisters I have are all nappers, La Paz and Sumatra are sleeping now.

Every one of the Hybrids I have sleep after blooming and growth to recharge.

Both Miss Ethel and Mrs. Garfield haven't been with me long enough to get to know their habits.

I'm not sure I would call any of my bulbs truly evergreen, but they may behave a bit differently in my northern climate due to the shortening of days and colder weather of winter. Every bulb I have is out of its element, so to speak.

I've never forced a dormancy on any bulb I have... they grow and sleep on their own schedules, and I simply adjust their care accordingly. I water less while they nap, more once I see new growth appear. They almost seem to thrive on neglect... I've learned that hovering and babying them are not to advantage!

I don't know that I've answered your question, but I can only tell you how my bulbs behave in my environment.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I haven't watered anything outside (except Papilio and Lima) for months and most are still lush, green, and pushing out new leaves. We've had some cool days and nights (porch doesn't get below 40), so sounds like it depends where you live.


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Papilio is a fall/winter/spring for me. Lima has Papilio in it's genes. It also performs like Papilio. Jungle Star is the same.

Difffernt papilio clones perform differently. Some don't shed their leaves and some do. Most Papilios from RC totally shed all their leaves and are starting to wake up now. It seems that the older clones of Papilios don't shed their leaves. I received an "heirloom" Papilio from California (baseball bulb) that just kept on going and going. I never noticed it resting at all. It has a scape tip coming out now. I have high hopes that this "baseball bulbed" Papilio will be just like Papilio I.

My observations...
Papilio with egg shape bulbs lose all their leaves

Papilio with baseball bulbs rests but do not shed leaves.

Papilio with "pear shaped bulbs" (like a mix of the two mentioned above) would lose some lower leaves but not totally.

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Very interesting -- I just got one of each of egg and baseball, but didn't know why the bulbs were different. Thank you so much Maria for those pictures. The egg came from RC, and the baseball came from ETG. This will be an experiment, but I wasn't expecting it to be. Kitty

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