Is this Pereskiopsis

photoreillyFebruary 20, 2013

Hey i was wondering if anyone could help me out on what this is. I ordered it thinking it was pereskiopsis but not sure if it pereskia. (I honestly dont really know the difference between the two) My plan was to order Pereskiopsis spathula so i could graft a couple different Trichocereus seedlings at about a month or two of age. If anyone could give me any kind of feedback on what exactly this is it would be greatly appreciated.

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That looks like it to me. Good luck with your grafting. Have someone take pictures and update us, please! I know many of us are interested in grafting. Where did you order the Pereskiopsis?

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Its good to hear that. I have read of people buying pereskia on accident. I thought this really didn't look like Pereskiopsis spathula because of the leaves. I had a hard time finding any pictures that looked like these, the leaves usually looked thicker and more spread out. I will diffidently keep everyone updated. Oh yeah, I ordered these off of ebay for pretty cheap.

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Can anyone else comment to make sure they are what I planned on ordering. Not that I don't trust your opinion hanzrobo just from what I've read is they look very similar. I just want to double check before I go forward with the process. I would also appreciate some info on what is the best medium to plant them in, light, pot, how to plant, etc. knowing that I plan on grafting with them.

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They seem to be the correct variety. I bought the same Batch (I recognize the photo). They arrived early, in pretty good shape, with a few extra thrown in to boot. Very pretty with red spines and little tufts of white fuzz. It may be a different sub species, I don't really think so, but either way it's cool in it's own right. Besides if later you come across the "right" one, they seem similar enough to (super long shot) cross pollinate if flowered together and add to the tragically shallow gene pool of pereski's in cultivation. (cool to think about but not likely to pan out)
Two things to consider, indoor grown and wild look vastly different just because of growing conditions.
Second within species there are decent amounts of natural variation. This could contribute to it not looking quite like expected.
As for me I am very happy with my newly purchased batch, confident of their identity and if anything happy that they seem a bit prettier than expected with their slight "irregularities".

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