Bulbs from Burbee

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)December 10, 2012

Has anyone ordered from Burbee US before? I think she said they are done shipping for the season, but they may have some interesting offerings next year if they are connected to Burbee in The Netherlands.

Ludwig (a different breeder/grower) says Amaryllis Bulb Company is selling the Ludwig bulbs in the US.

It looks like most sellers are nearly out of stock. I preordered some Viraldi Rascals from RC and they will hold til mid to late March. They usually have some great surprises at the end of their season (April / June).

The bottom shelf of my fridge is full of bulbs that are waiting their turn.... It will be nice to stagger plantings so that I will have blooms continually until my older bulbs start to rebloom. Freezes the next 3 nights...YAY for the new greenhouse!

PS... Porch blooms from tonight!

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I haven't tried Burbee. I do however LOVE your photo! It's interesting how many of us have a shared love of orchids and hippeastrum. I see that cattleya to the left of the photo!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I have had that orchid for years. I totally ignore it. It goes outside in the spring, on the porch to bloom this time if year. It gets watered when I think about it and never gets fed!

About 40 years ago my HS bio teacher taught me tissue culture on orchids in the morning before classes started.

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It's lovely, Kristi... I wish they would do so well for me in this area!

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