Look at my Brome Rooster!

randg(11)August 25, 2011

This Brome Rooster will remain, while the other feral, inferior, chicken and rooster stay outside the gate--my two dogs will chase any animal that enter their domain, my yard.

I think it's better than the Japanese long-tailed fowl, the Onagadori cocks, don't you think? It's practically maintenance free, just a splash of water occasionally is all it needs. I don't have to feed it, will not wake me up early, very early in the morning like those darn feral roosters, and won't ruin my plants! Ha ha ha

Observe the Brome Rooster behind the nepenthes on it's natural habitat:

Unlike those inferior feral rooster that hatches from an egg, this Brom Rooster is born of five different species or types of bromeliad:

Spanish Moss and nameless Tillandsia:

T. tricolor:

Tillandsia (nameless):

The last one is on the tail that I don't have a picture of and a nameless one, too.

Though the Brom Rooster is showing its age by the rusty patina on his chest, it will outlast those infernal feral roosters!

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Nice arrangement

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A rooster with three long furry legs? You live near a nuclear powerplant?

ahh kidding ya.

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That's suppose to be the wings that wasn't trimmed for a long time. I'm not worried though, it's not going to fly anytime soon! Nuclear powerplant in Hawaii? That's just silly, ha ha ha.

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Love it!!

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