rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)February 24, 2012

From one September...just in the mood (since I can't edit later, I'd better make an attempt at naming them now).

Click thumbnails for larger view:

Echeveria, Stapelia hirsuta, Aloe, Echeveria subsessilis 'Morning Light'

Poellnitzia rubriflora, Aloe striata, not sure if Echeveria metallica or 'Perle von Nurnberg', Crassula 'Campfire'

Cotyledon tomentosa ssp tomentosa, Crassula ovata 'Hummel's Sunset', Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx (maybe), Echeveria 'Pink Frills', I believe

Kalanchoe sexangularis, Kalanchoe x houghtonii, Echeveria 'Tippy', Ferocactus latispinus ssp latispinus

Echeveria 'Black Knight' flowers, Gasteria var unknown, Euphorbia fimbriata f. variegata, Aloe w orn/yel fl

Echeveria budding, Aloe (unk) w/orng/yel flwr (goes w/plant at end of previous row), Anacampseros rufescens, Toothpicky Pokey from PA Pete (Cereus forbesii, I believe)

Longest toothpick, Aloe lt red flwrs, Aloe-plant of prev fl pic, Aeonium 'Garnet'

Echeveria (unknown) in bloom

Just a small sampling of a gazillion pix!


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WOWSER,You've got some beauties there.I recognise a few,then again there are those that i've never seen,like that 2nd picture,the one of the stap.I have some staps,but not that one.TFS,i enjoyed the view.

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Love it! Your oictures always look so sunny. Keep posting!


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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Totally some beauties. I love the Echeveria subsessilis 'Morning Light'! And the Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx (maybe) has some beautifully shaped leaves.


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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Rosemarie, they are all very beautiful but I have a very difficult question for you. How do you post pictures in the manner you have posted? And the Echeveria 'Tippy', do you know if it has a species name? I have to work the Greater Lansing Orchid show for my friends Wayne and Nancy Roberts, but I have something similar, Echeveria chihuahuensis. It gets nice coloring in the summer.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Thanks, Kathi! That Stapelia is only a small plant than it once was, as many stems died off. I love its fur coat!

Yes, Denise, it is sunny here most days (although yesterday was a chilly 58!)! I'll post more as I'm able. :)

Colleen, I had 2 of those E. subsessilis 'M.L.' & now, the one left is a very small rosette compared to its glory days. Sadly, that Kal. is gone.

Howard, I'm not sure which species can be attributed to E. 'Tippy'. E. lindsayana has been lumped in with E. colorata now. E. chihuahuaensis is another that is very similar. So most times now, when I'm trying to ID one like this, it proves very confusing. Nice plants you have there!

Now, as for how I posted pix in that manner...I'm posting from my iPhone while I wake up with my coffee...& I believe I'll need ALL my fingers to type that out. LOL I'll be baaaack....when I'm on my laptop!

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Okay, Howard...I'm back (at my laptop, that is)!

How to post the thumbnails as I have above...using Photobucket~

First, the link you gave to Aveo in another post about how to post pix had some good info--but was not complete. I suppose it best not to overwhelm. But since you asked specifically...I'll do the best I can to explain.

It is best to have GW open in one tab & PB open in another, so you can go back & forth (if need be). It is also best if all the pix you want to post are all in the same album in PB. Then you don't have to jump around (especially if you make a goof & have to go back to recopy code).

Okay~Go to your PB album.
1) Hover over a pic you want to include & mark the box directly beneath the pic. Go to the next pic, repeat & so on~till you have selected the ones you want. If you are going to do ALL the pix in the album, you can skip this part.
2) Scroll down to bottom of page (here you can check box to Select All-if that is what you want) Click on Choose action.
3) From drop down menu, select "Generate link codes for selected"
4) Code link page shows up: select 1st section "Clickable thumbnails" (if will briefly show the word "copied"-then fade)
5) Go back to tab for GW
6) Insert what you copied into your post (or your reply) by right-clicking mouse to Paste
7) I change the code so it does not put just one pic per line. I have found that 4 thumbnails across works best. (You will probably Preview Message many times before clicking the Submit button)
8) First, I highlight & delete the code for centering at the beginning & the end of the group pic urls. (left arrow center right arrow ~ and the end code has a forward slash in it) You can leave it if you want-I'm not sure what it looks like with blocks like these. I forget. :) Taking it out lines up photos to the left edge.
9) The way you get one pic next to another: at the end of each pic url (which is indicated by a left arrow, a forward slash, an 'a', & a right arrow) Looks like the following without the spacing I put in: ...you place your cursor after the right arrow, then click space bar once & delete button once. You can go Preview Message to see if it worked, but when back to make corrections, it's sometimes tricky to find your place/where you left off. LOL
10) Repeat the space/delete sequence after 2 more photo urls. (You will get good at counting photo urls to figure out where you are.)
11) After 4th pic url, you want to make a line space (to separate the rows), so hit Enter key twice.
12) Now on to the next block (row) of pix, if there are more...go back to 9) and do again.
13) It's up to you how many you have in a row. Just Preview Message to check everything before you Submit! You might have gotten 3 in the row instead of 4 & have to go back to adjust. It's good to make note of which pic is out of whack -if named- to find the url with that name to change spacing, etc.

If you have really short filenames, this will be much easier than when I do it, as mine are very long, making it more fun finding the end of the urls! Also, if you have a free acct, PB sticks an additional blurb in the urls to take folks to pages with advertising. You can delete this if it's there, but I think I'd confuse more if I tried to explain.

Remember... EACH time you make a change, you have to click the Preview Message button or the change will not be made when you click on Submit Message.

If you goof on something, you can always go back~restart or recopy. It just take a bit more time...if you have it! Once you've done it a few times, it'll be a cinch!

If I'm not clear or you have more questions, just ask!
Good luck!

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Seeing your photos was a pleasant way for me to start my morning! Makes me want to go out and buy more plants. Your Echeveria metallica or 'Perle von Nurnberg' looks exactly like my 'Perle von Nurnberg,' same colors, same shaped leaves. I think I have more echeverias than any other succulent in my small collection.


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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Rosemarie, Lovely... Thats a very nice display, Im sorry, Hodgepodge, Lol..
Nice display of winter colors though even people who dont collect succulents can appreciate those.


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Penny & Greg, glad you enjoyed the pix.

I questioned which Echeveria because this was rather large & I read 'PvN' only grew to about 6 inches across.

I collect plants for their color, shape, flower, uniqueness...and ability to stay alive...despite my neglect (having a crazy busy life)!

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Rosemarie, I'm crazy about that Stapelia flower, also that krinkly green Kalanchoe. We have a Stapelia grandiflora that blooms regularly but that's the only one that will. I have 2 other Stapeliads that are common around here but they have never bloomed for me so I don'y know what they are. I'm trying to get better at taking care of them so they don't rot out on me. I've started replanting the salvaged pieces in 75% pumice. I guess I'll try to give them a little more sun too.
Thanks for the offer on the glasses, BTW. It would be worth the photo op. Maybe we could send them around the network, 'Cactus Shades Travel the World'!

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chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))

Ryan & Rosie: That would be a fantastic idea! What fun! And each time someone gets them, they have to take a pic wearing them and post it. :) I like it!


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Rosemarie, your plants are just beautiful , The color combinations are so unique, wish we had anything close to what you grow around here, succulents are just not that popular here it seems, they are very hard to find, TFS. Ronda

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Ryan, that Stapelia is one of my favorites, with that fur (somewhat like on a vulture's neck~LOL). I haven't seen it bloom for a while now, but did check yesterday & see I still have some of the plant left. I had several Huernia & Piaranthus that rotted out before I ever got blooms from them to ID. That's a bummer! I will have to take more care on the next ones.

On the Cactus Shades... great idea!!! :D Look for an email from me, Ryan, so I can get your snail mail address to send them to you! I'll set up a post about it once I've mailed them off. You'll have to send them to Jessica next!

I think what I'll do is see who is interested...in the separate post & then gather snail mail addresses. We'll try to keep the shades in the same box for traveling (sturdy enough not to break these things-sm enough not to cost too much postage) & maybe a small notebook to serve as a log ("guest book"?). Each person will take a pic of themselves with the shades & post the pic. Each will record their username on GW, real name (if you want), place where pic is taken (city/state/country/whatever location) & date, and send along to the next GW'er. We'll see how far it travels & how long it takes!! Are you game???

Thank you, Ronda! I am lucky to live in a place that offers such a wide variety of succulents for my pickings! Many times, the coloring I get in my plants is attributed to neglect...or what I like to call their "California tan"! Many are stressed plants. Some folks frown on that. I wish ALL folks could find all these plants! Best I can do is share my pix of them. =)

I have been cheating using pix I took long ago, rather than processing the new pix. (I have over 50,000...and time is limited!) Again, I must run!

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Rosemarie I hope you don't mind me infringing on your turf so to speak but I wanted to practice some more of your wonderful instructions. To do that, I have to post some pictures.... so please forgive me.... (-:

WOW! It worked, Rosemarie..... those are some GREAT instructions.... you are definitely ready for prime time and maybe a book offer Author, Author, Author ..... LOL

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

OooEeee...you are forgiven, Howard! Those are BEAUTIFUL! Glad I could help! Practice away!!! LOVE the bloomers & that Lifesaver is so cute!!

You will have to give me a tutorial on how you take your pix (background), as well as how (what program, etc.) you use to insert the names on them (~sideways, even?! Do you name it & then turn the pic?). What font is that you use? I like it!

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

OK, Rosemarie now you're pushing your luck with this old &^^%#^& The background is simple, it's an old black sheet. I will say if you go to a linen/yard goods store and purchase black velvet, it works better. Keep your subject (plant) at least 3' ~ 5' away from the background so your depth of field will not "see" the background. Also you need to pay attention as to the direction of the light and time of day, if you are shooting with natural light. Any software program that will resize the original(Microsoft has Paint) can be used to insert the name (text). I happen to use Adobe Photoshop because that is what I have and I have taught myself how to "tweak" my pictures. The font I am currently using is called Segoe Print. It is also available as Segoe Script. So once I finish with tweaking, I select the text tool and create a text box and insert the text. The text box has "handles" to rotate and move the text. If you can't find the font online, let me know and I'll email the file to you.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Thanks a bunch, Doc! I've used a black velvet tam before, but had it too close..otherwise the circle of the tam would've been seen. I tried a black t-shirt, too, but probably too close as well. I'll check out a yardage shop. I have been known to get harsh light & shadows that messed up the pix. I've used several programs for the text part, but for the life of me can't recall their names right now! :O I don't think any one of them let me rotate the text box, but maybe I just didn't look for that option. I also don't recall seeing that font name, but will look. Thanks for the offer! I'll let you know if I can't find it.

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