Aechmea beeriana variations ?

aroideana(Tropical Australia)August 6, 2009

Look at this infloresence ;

Looks very different to what I know as beeriana .

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I've never been able to pin down Ae. beeriana. I've seen so many different plants or photos labeled that (or its old name Streptocarpus poeppigii) that it's either very variable or half of them are wrong. Color schemes seem to range from red and white to pink and blue, and I don't know which is right, or if they all are!

The ovaries on the plant in that photo do look rather large, though, more like Ae. woronowii to me. It's a longer, fuller spike than I've seen on my woronowiis, but other than that, seems pretty similar to the pink form.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ae. woronowii

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Yes, I'm still waiting for the real Ae. beeriana to stand up, as well. I have bought several plants by that name, but only flowered one thus far. That one is not beeriana, but Ae. macrochlamys OR Portea fosteriana - the jury is still out on the ID of that one. I sent flowering photos to Unc D., and he says Harry Luther can't tell the difference between the two. Mine has a more elongated spike than those Ae. macrochlamys shown on the council photo index.
The trouble is, when a flowering brom is photographed for posterity, one lone photo does not show the inflorescence at all the various stages of its development. I would love to see more photos of flowering broms, at ALL stages of its flowering, for identification purposes.
I do have this notion that the true Ae. beeriana has quite narrow leaves, like most of its ex-streptocalyx relatives. I have some labeled as Ae. beeriana, yet to flower, which do have narrower leaves than the very spiney, broader-leaved Ae. macrochlamys/P. fosteriana.
I agree with Lisa that the photo link by 'Roid closely resembles the FCBS photos of Ae. woronowii.

'Roid - it's about time you learned how/bothered to post photos on GW. Have you got a photo of your supposed Ae. beeriana flowering?


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Flora Neotropica - the original bromeliad bible - states that the bracts of Ae. beeriana are red (you have to look under Streptocalyx poeppigii, the original name of this species).

In 1997, a color picture was published in the BSI Journal and the bracts were red. The photographs in the Photo Index show red bracts as well.

To muddy the waters, Mulford Foster described the black and white photo on the cover of the Journal around 1958, stating that the bracts were pink.

Sounds like a perfect candidate for an Uncle Derek says!

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Ah yes, StreptoCALYX, not carpus. Well, at least I was in the plant kingdom. I could have said streptococcus..... ;-)

Yes, posters, even if you can't post photos directly, if you have an URL, please put it in the link box below the message, rather than in the text, it makes it much easier. I know the box isn't there for the first message of a thread, but just click "preview" and it will come up.

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Geeze, Lisa, I never even saw the 'streptocarpus' - I just read it as 'calyx'. We see what we want to see!

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Well the reason I asked is I have one listed for auction and was asked if mine was pink ,, it sure is , but the picture I used was a scan of a photo I took years before I went digital .
So the colour was not right on . I tried putting the link in the op .. did not know you couldn't .
Kerry will get a round tuit 1 day .

Here is a link that might be useful: Ae. beeriana

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