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neomeaAugust 31, 2009

Hi Guys

I mentioned in the other mini thread that I had done a hybrid between Neo lilliputiana and Pinstripe. Andrew was keen on a pic so here it is below...My camera is not the best but that is the best shot I could get. It is a small little chap.

Below is another of my mini Neo hybrids, the first pup and the colour is much improved from the mother plant.

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I'll bet #1 doesn't stay small, Dennis. I know someone who has made repeated attempts to use lilliputiana to reduce the size of the other parent, but they almost always come out closer to the larger parent in size. And Pinstripe is one big buggah!

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Hey Lisa.....You burst my bubble! Oh well lets wait and see. The little one next to that is a lilliXchar tiger. I actually have the same X which I think was done by Michael K. Its a nice small plant with broad leaves...



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Yeah Lisa, way to burst our bubble! Ha ha. I was really looking forward to a wee little guy with those great pinstripes. I had this cute little 4" plant with the same pinstripes in my head. Eventually if you do it enough times you may be able to do it, right? Shuffle the genes to randomly throw in the stripes with shuffling out the 'big' genes? Sounds like quite a challenge. Well, I guess enjoy it while its striped and still small Dennis! And keep us posted as it grows and develops.

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Sorry to burst your bubbles, guys, but genes aren't exactly random. When it comes to small vs large, large almost always dominates. If you want small, you have to cross small with small, which is why the little guys don't have the same range of colors and patterns as their larger brethren. I've been working on trying to change that, and so have plenty of others, but it's a real challenge, let me tell you!

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Hi guys!

I will do Andy-should start moving a bit quicker now that Spring is here...will post progress report in a good few months again.

Lisa- I must say that your pinstripe really does transfer its radial lines beautifully, my Good for Grace X Pinstripe seedlings are also showing good stripping. I did Code Red X Pinstripe but they are still a bit small to tell.



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