Strange proliferation in growth at the base.

onlychange(7a VA)March 13, 2012

So theres an odd mass on a yellow angels trumpet. The main plant is self is many years old. This season i noticed an odd mass of growth which, when dissected, has many roots and falls apart into little sections.

any ideas on what causes this? or perhaps how to induce this? the yellow AT is particularly hard to propagate.

i forget how to imbed images, so heres the link to the pic.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I've never seen anything like that on a brug. Maybe it's a type of gall? I'm really curious as to what that is.

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This is not a good growth and it will eventually kill your plant. Remove the growth with a sharp, sterile knife and destroy it.

I can speak from experience because i have encountered this on several of my plants over the years. Once I actually planted the part I removed just to see what it would do. The clump enlarged and filled up the pot I had planted it in with a bunch of short sickly looking branches emerging from the soil.

I believe we have some reference material on this on iBrugs. I think it came from Monika via ABADS. I'll research and post the links when i find it.


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onlychange(7a VA)

that would be great, sommergardens.

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I remember reading about it on iBrugs! I think it was called "fascination", or something similar. I have it on a brug too and the plant is just sitting there with all these little branches clumped together. Guess I'll toss it!

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According to Helmut at iBrugs, this is caused by a type of Agrobacterium. It most likely originated from a bacterium that was present in the soil.

I posted a link below pertaining to a thread on another type of Agrobacterium.


Here is a link that might be useful: Agrobacterium

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Kathy, that was my first thought, faciation- it happens fairly frequently to hosta scapes. It looked too weird to me to be of any interest when it happened to me one time- kinda ruined the look of the hosta blossoms for me.

Fred, that is great that you tried to grow it out after you removed it. Nice to know the effect it has on a plant. Thanks for the link! I don't remember seeing anyone mentioning the cause of it on the hosta forums, tho.


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