Guzmania infestation

patchezAugust 24, 2013


I was given this used guzmania last December (in the same condition as photo above) and it came with LOTS of little tiny bugs that I haven't been able to get rid of with standard indoor houseplant insecticide, and it has neither been growing OR dying. I water it about twice a week and it s kept facing a south window.

1) How do I get rid of the bugs? A website suggested that I "wash" the plant in mild soapy water and completely repot it, but I don't know what kind of mixes are compatible and how to wash the plant without hurting it. And I'm not sure what kind of bugs they are, they pretty much look like fruit flies without wings, they crawl around really fast, and I haven't really seen them on the leaves but they love hanging around the base and in the potting mix.

2) Is this plant even salvageable judging by the looks of it?

I really have no experience with plants so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Pull the plant out of the pot as the soil is far too wet.
Pull the pups off the old mother plant and pull all the old leaves from around the bottom of them. Repot into new soil and only water when it begins to dry out. You can mist a couple of times a week.
Make sure your potting mix is free draining.

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