Tillandsia Air plant ID

DavidL.caAugust 1, 2014

Hi, I'm quite new to air plants but thanks for this forum they've been pretty happy since moving here. I tried to ID them but a few I'm unsure of.
Any help is appreciated!

My ID:
#1 - T. abdita
#2 - T. caput-medusae
#3 - T. capitata red
#4 - No clue!
#5 - T. tricolor var. melanocrater
#6 - T. ionantha 'Scaposa'
#7 - T. pseudobaileyi
#8 - T. ionantha guatemala (?)
#9 - T. butzii
#10 - T. juncea

Close up on each:

#1, #6









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The photo you tag as Close up on each:

#6 is Tillandsia seleriana
that's all I know.

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You bought plants with no ID on them? Nice plants tho..

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Thanks! Would love some help on #3,4 and 5 if anyone knows!

Yes none of these plants came with ID. They just say "air plants"

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A little late to the party, but I feel pretty confident on #1 and #5.

#1 - T. Harrisii
#5 - T. Tricolor

These two are really common on the market and I've seen them put in Tillandsia bundles more than once. I think #4 could be identified pretty easily if you could get a better picture so the colors can be seen. It looks like it has a flower spike which makes it pretty easy to narrow down.

Edit: Should clarify since my ID's conflict with yours for #1. I'm pretty sure #1 isn't abdita since their leaves turn red very early on in their life cycle. I also have to pull my first guess as abdita for #3, you might be right with capitata on that one. From the side it looks like it's starting to get that trademark capitata "head." Lastly I just noticed the better view on #4 and I'm really at a loss on that one.

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I believe that #8 is T. ionantha. Use Google and see if it looks the same. This is the same one I have, as far as I can tell.

I love #2 - T. caput-medusa It is amazing! Also, the color and leaf arrangement of #3 is lovely.

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