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LunaraWolf(6)August 28, 2013

I recently bought a Bromeliad, my very first. When I bought it, all of the purple stem thingy (I think it's called the Bract?) was a deep purple, and was starting to get some yellow flowers with green tips between the sections. Recently I've noticed the tips of the purples leaves have started going brown, and some of the flowers going brown and soft before blooming.

As you can tell, I'm not very knowledgeable about this new plant of mine, so any help is appreciated. I have been keeping the tank filled with rainwater, and I spray the leaves in the mornings. It has one pup forming and another just barely getting started off the momma. It is also in a southern facing window, so it gets several hours of indirect light but also a few hours of direct light.

My concern is obviously the browning tips, but also, I've had this plant for three weeks, and it hasn't seemed to open up at all.

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It could be too much water. Let the soil dry a bit before watering. Mine are outside and get watered once a week with a mist in between.
Your plant isn't burnt so the light is right.

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Normally brown tips in leaves is to little water..yellow is to much. In the blooms it can just be moving the plant from a well lit and humid garden center to a low light / humidity area. Your plant
appears healthy so don't worry.

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Ok, I haven't been watering the soil at all, only filling the tank when it's dry and misting. The humidity should be fine since I keep it with my orchids and all of them and the bromeliad have humidity trays.

As long as it's healthy, I'm happy.

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