I just got an early Christmas present!

radarcontactlost(8)December 3, 2010

Well I found a seller listing bulbs on ebay starting at 99 cents. I guess not a lot of people where watching the auctions because I was able to "steal" a few for a buck! All in all I got 5 bulbs for 14 dollars. I honestly wasnt expecting much for the price, but the box arrived today and I was shocked! These were the healthiest and best shipped bulbs I have ever received. Take a look at the picture, they even put padding on the growth points to protect them! All in all I got a Temptation, Pamela, Dancing Queen, Red Nymph and a Rosalie for 14 bucks! Now lets just hope they are as labeled and it would be a dream come true. Just thought I would share my excitement with you all!

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they are looking great!
i hope the best for the labeling!

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quail(USDA 9)

That's cool!!! I'm hoping they're as labeled, but if not, hopefully they'll still be neat ones that you'll enjoy!

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Wow! Those are great looking bulbs, I'm sure you'll enjoy them no matter what they are....a healthy bulb is a beautiful bulb..!!


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Wow - nice bulbs radar! It's so exciting when an eBay purchase works out well! (Reminds me of Donna's papilio story.)


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They look exactly like the bulbs I got from Mclure and Zimmerman, packaged exactly the same way :)

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Noni Morrison

It would be great if these are M and Z bulbs. I have had really good experiences with the health of their bulbs...just not true to color but always interesting and worth the time and money.

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