Rhipsalis sp..a few pics.

stanofhAugust 18, 2011

At a local nursery. Some are hardy outdoors in the bay area..other,are purely not! Full size

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Great photo's Stan. Thanks for posting. I lost most of the ones I had in this last winter. My rick rack was huge.

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Gorgeous,what is the red plant 2nd from the bottom??

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Its one the Pagoda Crassula's. I dont the exact one... If somebody knows..

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Second from bottom might be some form of Crassula pellucida.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I'm a big fan of Rhipsalis and have a few in my tree. Unlike many of my CAM Orchids they seem to require a decent amount of moss to establish epiphytically.

Next time I visit the Bay Area remind me to ask you which nurseries are worth a visit!

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I would love to have that Disocactus ramulosa! It's gorgeous, and I'm a big fan of epiphytes.

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