New to Tillandsia - are they okay indoors??

FluffyClouAugust 12, 2013

Hello! This is my first post here in the Bromeliad forum. I am planning to buy a Tillandsia but I am not sure if they are okay indoors. It will be placed in a classroom so there will be no sun at all. I have only learned about Tillandsia a week ago so I am really new to it.

Also, I would like to ask if ordering Tillandsia online is cheaper, better or have good quality. I have never ordered plants online before. Is there a certain kind of Tillandsia that is recommended for newbies like me?


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I started buying and growing them last fall, buying both locally (one source) and from online sources, so I have a variety. Over the winter I had mine under two grow lights (tube lights made for installing under cabinets, so each about 2 feet long). I had these on a timer so they got a split session of ~3 hours in the morning, ~6 in the evening (I was at work, so why waste the electricity?) Now that I'll be working at home, I'll give them 12-13 hours a day in the same lighting starting in the later fall. Right now (August) they're outside in a north-facing porch, getting a lot of reflected sunlight at our high altitude. So if you have a grow light, you may be able to put other plants under it as well. Perhaps take the Tillandsia home on weekends and give it a soaking and some sunshine in a window. If you have a fresh-water fish tank in the classroom, you can use water from that to soak the Tillandsia in (that's what I do)

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

So the classroom is dark evening, night and on weekends and holidays? Perhaps for over a week or more around Christmas and Easter? Forced air heating and air conditioning making the air quite dry? May be tough.


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Thank you.
Just to make sure, grow lights is the same as plant light?? And if I understand it correctly, you used tube lights as a light source during winter, right?
So tube lights function the same or has the same effect as the plant light or grow light? Sorry for such questions, I am just a little bit confused. Thank you again!

I have also read your other post regarding a website for tillandsia - I wonder if it's possible to know the name of the site :p

The classroom would be during weekdays, morning until afternoon - I am also thinking if it's okay to leave it there overnight (for a week, actually - Mon. to Fri.). I might go by what Debby said regarding bringing it home on weekends. And...I haven't thought after the effect air conditioning will have on the plants :/

So, perhaps it's not a good idea then to keep it in the classroom due to the air conditioning/heating?

Thank you!

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The lights I'm using are made by Lights of America and are "Color Temperature 7800K" (and some other numbers I can't read upside down since I've already installed them). Unfortunately I don't have the packages anymore, though I'm sure the packaging said they were useful for growing plants under. I probably got them at WalMart for under $10 each. It might be worth doing some online research.

If you want to simply try out a set up, maybe acquire some inexpensive Ionanthas. Single plants would also be very light to carry home if you wish (put them in a padded box you can carry under your coat if it's very cold out).

For ID info: I started reading this forum, going back to the beginning and working forward, and found this:

with pictures still available (many pictures in other posts, mostly pics by Gonzer, are gone...)

Websites with good pictures (and one can order from them): Tropiflora, Airplants4u, Rainforestflora, CTSairplants, and sometimes I just see the name of a plant that sounds interesting and I google it with good results (like finding this forum!)

Keep us informed of your progress!

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I found in this subforum a link to good pictures:

and on other places in that site, as well as some care instructions

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Thanks a lot, Debby!!!
I might get a Tillandsia in the next two weeks, and I think I would need to get some grow lights as well :)

Thank you for the site links :)
I will definitely do some more research on this! :)
I'll post pics once I get my Tillandsia :D

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