Aloe Vera - HELP!

dancercrFebruary 17, 2014

Hi there!
I've just joined this forum because I need help with my Aloe plant. Today I had my niece over (she's 2) and she pulled out the centre shoots of my plant. I tried to clean it up so that there wasn't any rips or anything, and cut it cleanly, but now there's a gaping hole in the centre of the plant! What do I do?
Also, I *think* it needs to be replanted as it is because everything was growing horizontally and not vertically, and the bottom leaves that had been cut were not growing very well.
I did notice the brown spots on it, so I have moved it to an area with less sunlight.
Any help you could give me would be great. Will my plant be ok??? What should I do?

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Keep it away from direct sun til the wound dries up, also avoid any water in the center. the Good news is that now the growing point id damaged, the plant will likely produce offsets, which you can repot once they get big enough to handle.

Good Luck!!

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