Vriesea Gigantea

cesar2August 6, 2013

I got two vriesea gigantean planted side by side , and after several years of waiting it produces each a long stalk of inflorescence. This particular bromeliad never produces any of offshoot or pups and entirely depends on the dispersal of seeds to produce a new plant. I`m writing this because to my surprised I found an offshoot in one of the plant. I`m wondering what caused to have a pup or did I have a new breed of vrisea....attach the picture of it at its base..Cesar

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This happens more often than first thought in the early growing days of many bromeliads like yours. I have a couple very large Alcantarea Odorata in bloom with many pups at the case one in the lower leaves sprouting. It takes a long time for these to mature and when the mother plant finally dies off many don't survive without care and fertilzer.

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