Out of the dark and into the windows

tommysmommy(Colorado)March 11, 2012

I took my 5 brugs out of their winter slumber. The larger ones had bits of green showing already. I am very afraid my smallest 2 died over the winter though. Their soil mixture seems to be very loose and probably didn't hold the moisture like the big ones, so I'm not counting on them to come back. That will bring me down to 3 brugs: Heloise, Cherub, Santa Rosa. And most probably I should stick with just a few since I really don't have anywhere to put them. However, should I get the urge, I may hit some of you up for cuttings at a later date!

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Pulled mine out of the garage and put them outside.
We're expecting temps in the high 60s low 70s for the week.

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Is it going to stay that way through the night? It will be too cold at night for me to leave them out, but our days will be about the same as yours this week.

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It's supposed to be near 80 this week but I'm sure we'll be back into the 40's on and off over the next month so nothing big is getting moved yet. Some of my small tropicals will get to enjoy fresh air but the big stuff will be staying put. I don't have the energy to schlep heavy pots in and out.

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Mid 40s to 50 at night, we'll see what happens.

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I don't either Karyn, that's why they're staying in windows for now. They only have a hint of green anyway. But just because they have to stay in doesn't mean I do! My bicycle is calling!!

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