Transplanting pups

sk290August 9, 2009

Can someone tell me how to separate a pup from the mother plant? It's in a pot right now with 3 pups and I wanted to pull one out and plant it in the ground to see how it does but I don't want to hurt it. Sorry but I don't know what kind it is but it's very common and available at all the local nurseries (native to Brazil). Thanks!


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Hi Sandra, it kind of depends on what type of bromeliad it is. Can you describe the shape of the inflorescence/flower? Is it on a spike or are the flowers sunk down in the 'cup' (if down in cup, neo)? If it is on a spike sticking out of the plant, is it paddle shaped (vriesea) or radially symmetric with colorful bracts/leaves (guzmania)? If the spike is branched to individual flowers it'll be an aechmea. If you can reach down into the soil with your fingers (or maybe even just see above the soil line) a stout woody piece where the pup comes off the mother (neo or aechmea), that is what you want to cut. If the plant is soft leaved and doesn't have spines/teeth and the pups are coming out from between the mother's leaves it is likely a vriesea or guzmania, those might do better to be left on the mother. But if you have several pups, go ahead and experiment. Either way, cut with a knife, scissors, or pruners as close to the mother plant as you can.
Good luck,

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Hello Andy. Thank you for the reply. I looked up some of the species you mentioned and it's a Silver Leaf aechmea. At least it looks like that. I'll check out for the woody stem for the transplanting.

Just one other question. What are we supposed to do with the old plants that have died and turned brown? Are we supposed to pull those out so there is more room for new pups? Thanks!


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Hi Sandra,

From what you describe "a silver leaf aechmea" your plant may be the same as the one pictured in the top right hand corner of this forum's home page, ie. the ever popular Aechmea Fasciata.

What I do with this plant when it has pups half the size of the mother, I remove the pups and pot them into seperate pots and then either mount the old mother plant in the fork of a tree or plant it in the garden where it will usually produce more pups which I leave attached and when the old mother eventually dies away, you are left with a nice garden specimen.

By doing a Google search for bromeliad culture I came across this publication which should answer all of your questions.

Hope this helps, all the best, Nev.

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Hi Nev,

This is a great site and information. Thanks for the link and have a great day!


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