Tillandsia Support

simplegreenguyAugust 29, 2013

Has anyone used aluminum wire as aTillandsia support. I made coils out of aluminum wire no glue or wire just sitting inside coils protruding from a vase. Will the aluminum harm the plants?

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You should be good to go, with no worries. Aluminum is a popular choice for Tillandsia (coils and hangers, easy to work with). Wish stainless steel was as easy to bend and coil-up :)

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Thanks for the quick response. I have another question Is air conditioner condesate ok to soak tillys in. I catch aprox 3 gals a day that I use on my houseplants. And pepper plants

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Personally, I would not. Even though you are using this for your houseplants, there could be a vast array of 'not-so-good' substances in the water (e.g., heavy metals) that your Tillandsia might react negatively to.

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Thanks again What do you reccomend. Our house is on a private well. No softner needed just straight well water.

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Hopefully someone can confirm or debunk this, but I read from a handful of sources that well water isn't ideal either, something about it being naturally heavy on minerals as well. I've been having good luck with brita (charcoal filtration I believe?) filtered tap water. Rain water is always best if you can take the time to collect it.

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Also you can use (if you have it) fresh-water aquarium water. It's got a bit of fish urine in it! I use Brita-filtered water in my tanks, too. I figure if Brita water is good for me to drink (and it is), then it's good for the fish to swim in -- and then to dip out (in my every-few-days aquarium water change) and put on plants. If I didn't think it would confuse the fish, I'd soak some of my Tillandsias directly in my aquariums. Instead I put the "old" water in a big container for the Tillandsias to bathe in, then when they're out of their bath, I can water other plants with that water.

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Becareful of dunking in the fish tank if you use liquid fertilzer on the plants.

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Excellent point, HotD. I'll keep doing the "reserve/set aside the older water to use on plants" routine, and wait until I have no more fish (just the aquarium plants and snails) to try wholesale Tilly bathing in the tanks. Personally I haven't fertilized any Tillies yet, figuring that the fish urine in the water supplies enough useful nutrients for now.

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