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bromelia2010February 17, 2014

Is it Cissus quadrangularis or Cissus cactiformis ?

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pic 2

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Help, please !!

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Hard to say! Controversy has existed as to whether they should be considered as one species under the name C.quadrangularis. They are too closely related for me to tell the difference.

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Yes, that I have seen also that there are many erroneous images on the net.

I always read that the main difference is that the Cissus cactiformis have wavy margins and C. quadrangularis have them straight.

In a Chinese page I found this diference :

C. cactiformis has 4-5 ribs, ribs more prominent, wavy .Soft texture, skin green ...but C. quadrangularis has 4 ribs, ribs not prominent, straight. its texture is harder , there is a sense of white powder ..

Other difference I'm not sure but also appears in Chinese page :

C. cactiformis has palmate leaves and Cissus quadrangularis has heart-shaped or diamond-shaped leaves.

Thanks for answering. I do not know what to think..up
See link Chinese page :

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I've always know this as Cissus quad... I grew it abt 10 yrs ago & was given it w/ that name.

Prodigious grower, wanted to take over my kitchen. After growing 14" in length in ONE year, I decided it needed to live elsewhere! Cool plant though, I did enjoy it!

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PG, I had the same experience. Besides the rampant growth, the parts that break off just about all rooted, and then I had a herd of rampant growing stems. An Indian (from India) friend took them off my hands. They are used for something herbal.

So far as the name, it is clear that the differences are slight, and some of them might change with different cultural conditions. The ones here had old sections with small, shrunken straight edges, but the younger ribs tended to be thin, prominent, and wavy. Whatever the name, they have interesting form. You can tell by the tendril and the leaf that they are grape relatives.

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