The grand excelsa

ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)February 9, 2013

The Gasteria that I wish would have free pups, or even pups for sale, at the local nursery (it's planted in a little in-the-ground feature area there). I drool over every time.

A large photo, larger than I would normally do here, but it kind of helps the overall impression of greatness. I should have shot a photo when it was in bloom.

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Wonderful. We have the acinicifolia growing wild around here and you struggle to convey their greatness in that size range, but it is something else, a big Gasteria.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Drat, Colleen! The one I texted you about from the show was this one (I'm fairly certain). It is more spotted when young, I believe. (Could be wrong on that.)

That one is a beauty...and a MONSTER! Wow!

(Rian, I'll get back to you...and Ryan, w/a question on a mesemb ID ~from the show. :) Reggie from XW forum was at the show~she wants to know.)

Colleen, pix in email later of your buys. =)

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That's beautiful. There is nothing like a monster Gasteria. I don't know why I'm not growing excelsa from seed, I should be.

I can't wait to see you photos from the show, Ro.

Colleen, it was genius to send in an agent. I should've jumped on that wagon:)

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Ryan, I put up a couple sampler albums on my Facebook page, while I process & upload full albums to Picasa. Had to quench the thirst of a few (are you listening, Hijole/Greg? LOL) in the meanwhile.

Hee hee...can I add Secret Agent to my resume, Ryan? Yeah, you could've jumped! Why didn't I think of that?! Probably for the best, as I was having trouble w/my phone...for once, forgot to charge it overnight. Yikes!

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Oh, I knew that picture was probably a form of G. excelsa, RoRo. Interestingly, I saw a slightly different form (roughly textured, which I wasn't into as much) at the nursery where the African violet show was going on simultaneously... haha, the best of timings... I just wasn't sure about the severely spotted form pictured. It's okay. I have a feeling I'll end up with one of these guys eventually, so no heartbreak. It was God's grace because other things you found were more remarkable finds (ie. Dyckia).

I then went right out and bought two nice rocks for the planter I'll make for the muted green G. 'Green Ice.'

Maybe next year, a miraculous H. c. v. venusta? ;)

I think poor RoRo would have had a mental breakdown if she'd had two of us to deal with by phone! Haha. Granted, going back in time, she would have a fully charged phone, but dealing with my old flip phone and my hurried abbreviated responses was just a delight for her. :)

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

It was a fun experience, I think neither of us will forget! As with all experiences, good to LEARN something from them! We will know BETTER for next time!

They had some unusual Haws, but none with great windows, & bummer, no venusta! I'll keep my eyes peeled. :) They had 2 Haw pumila ~that was close to 'Donuts', but not good enough to become MY cartjumpers. Oh well!

It's a good thing my friend/sidekick neighbor, Mary Lou, backed out of going...gave me more time (pix & yakking, too)...probably would've been tricky shopping for 2, but doable!! :D I'm an expert juggler!!

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Gasteria exceleca dosn't off set frequently , and when it does it is huge. I have never seen a small offset of this plant, I have some small ones? probably hybrids. My seeds would also be open hybrids. F1 Norna

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Colleen's having folks shop for her? Oh, that slippery slope is peopled thicker than a cubic meter of peanut butter!

OK, OK, I have in my possession three Holy Grail plants, one of which is a G. excelsa pup, given to me by a very generous-with-time and-plants (and funny too) GWer who was kind enough to allow me to visit him, his garden and his dogs. Wish me luck in rooting it (it shouldn't be too hard). Here's Mama, and there was only one pup on her - it's a very 'lean' Gasteria with offsetting, even in that wonderland of Gasterias, San Diego.

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Hey hey, only in the rare occasion that is a show nearby RoRo, and when she's nutty and kind enough to offer. I'm not gonna turn that down! She's just too nice. It'll be my delayed Christmas.

The mother is a beauty, Jeff! Sure you'll stage your pup wonderfully.

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