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avane_gwAugust 27, 2009

I came accross a very interesting document regarding the naming of new cultivars. I found it very interesting (and I thought I knew all the rules!) and would like to share it with all of you. I think everybody that ever wants to name and register a new (or old cv still going around under formula name) should read this.

The guru's out there obviously know this document by heart!


Here is a link that might be useful: How to name a new cv.

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Right on article Japie! With my new "creations" coming about this is helpful. I just finished Spock's book on baby raising and now I'm looking for a "Dummies Guide to" naming the 'lil things.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Japie, that's a great find, thanks for sharing it. A really good source, since it seems to be impossible to view the actual ICNCP anywhere online - unless someone has found somewhere that doesn't involve parting with serious bux?? Cheers, Paul

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I must be stupid,how come i did not memorise this snippet of 'worthwhile' info years ago? and its a good thing they are short notes! have i missed something ? if you followed all that you would never get to name a plant.what if you picked a name that turned out to have no equivalent in Mandarin , or a dialect spoken in outer Patagonia? was that put together by a 'total' idiot ? or someone with the intellect of a Amoeba ? just love it ,thanks Japie you made my day.

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Much of that just seems like common sense, Jack. If you give your next Vriesea a name that turns out to mean "stinking pile of cow dung" in Croatian, I doubt anyone's going to stop you, but you probably won't sell many of them in Croatia. Just some things to consider.

The one that particularly interested me is: "Make sure that publication of the cultivarÂs name is not against the wishes of its raiser or breeder." I think I may bring this up the next time I'm told that anything I release without a registered name is up for grabs in that department!

Another thing that is definitely not being enforced: "Your new cultivar must be distinguishable from others that exist or have existed". To be fair, Uncle Derek did address this issue to some degree in an article in the J-A '08 issue of the Journal. I have linked to it below (you'll have to scroll down to p. 16) but I don't know if anyone not logged in to BSI can access it.

Here is a link that might be useful: BSI Journal July-Aug. 2008

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Yes Lisa i think that line "Make sure its not against the wishes etc etc, would interest a few people here in Oz and all , and people should check with the breeder,i guess that sometimes it can't be done as the breeder may have died ,but when they are well known it would seem common courtesy if nothing else ,Richard Harper here in Oz has extended that courtesy to me without hesitation on a couple of occasions (but then we are good friends) and like you I have parted with plants under formula only and i see no problem with that but? some one will give it a name sooner or later (i guess) We have 3 Vrieseas in circulation in Oz under the name of 'Tartan' and the fact that mine is registerd under that name has not stopped the other 2 from being given the same name (not registerd ) did they ask me ? or consider that it may be misleading to some one making a purchase ,or that i may be a tad irate over that ? its difficult to police and I do know if someone else was trying to cash in on YOUR good name i would still be upset ,and then some plants (not registerd ) have been in circulation for so long under a name ,it would seem than to go against common sense for someone else to say , its up for grabs and i'll rename that and register it ,and it may well be against the wishes of the family whose member was the breeder of that plant ,

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This conversation is confusing to me. If you adopt out your child for what ever reason, you don't have the right to name the child. So why is naming the plant any different?

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It is a different situation, Putting a child up for adoption is not the same as selling the pups from a mother plant. If the breeder is still growing the original, why should anyone else have the right to name it?

Even if you sell off the culled seedlings under formula and don't keep the original, I still think it's common courtesy for the person who got it to ask before they name it. Most of the time I probably wouldn't care, and I'd really rather not have my name connected to it at all if it's a cull, but if the clone they're growing looks similar to one I'm trying to propagate, then having someone else register an inferior look-alike before I've had a chance to release my selection just undercuts the market and creates confusion.

All the more reason to destroy all your culls, but economics being what it is, that doesn't always happen, particulaly when you have a grex where they're all marketable. If I bend to someone's request to buy my culls, or if I decide to sell them off cheap in order to recoup some of my investment, I'm obviously not in any position to mind if they sell them too. All I ask is that they do me the courtesy of keeping them under formula, at least until they've checked with me to find out what my plans are.

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I totally agree with you Lisa ,and as i mentioned about Vr.'tartan' not only are there a couple of 'ring ins' but a grower in Brisbane resells one variety under a different name (albeit still not registered)

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