Narrow Leaf Milkweed

wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)May 3, 2014

I bought three Narrow Leaf Milkweed plants today... they are native to Arizona so hoping that they will be happy in the dry hot Oklahoma summer. But...I do notice that everything I've read says they need some afternoon shade. Since it's not quite desert conditions here, I'm not sure how much afternoon shade it really needs.

Has anyone in my zone grown this species? Anyone have any recommendations or advice? I am mainly trying to add variety in my garden, so thought I'd give this one a try.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or testimonials on how this has done for you.


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Laura, Narrow Leaf Milkweed is listed on my native plant list for the high plains, with sun, so considering your heat, the same as mine, but I consider Tulsa being humid, compared to the desert and the high plains, also consider the dry winds we get, I would think you could get away with full sun. Just guessing, but the hot dry winds of the desert and high plains really make a difference in my opinion. Let us know how they do, as I was wanting to plant some also. I would love to find more milkweed that takes some shade.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Do you have A. Incarnata? It does well in part shade. I also have a variety that someone identified as Poke Milkweed, based on a photo, and it takes a ton of shade. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it bloom, so haven't gotten any seeds from it. It looks a lot like Common, with broad leaves. It was growing in my new yard before I came on the scene. I'll be watching like a hawk to see if it blooms this year. I might even thin out some trees to allow for more sun, but that would expose my un-air conditioned home to more heat. I'll keep you posted and could even send you cuttings, though I'm not experienced in propagating that way, except with coleus, which are foolproof.


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Yes, I do have A. Incarnata 'Ice Ballet', 2 of them, one is in full sun, the other is in part sun this time of year. The one in full sun is about 9" tall, about 3" taller than the part sun, but the part sun is doing just fine, it is growing. I would love to have more, as I have read that Ice Ballet is about the least favorite, compared to the pink or purple. I would like to find pink or purple plants, If I don't find any this weekend, I will get some seed. When it says it has to be cold stratified, I can do that in the fridge right, before I plant the seed. I am planning ahead for next year, I hope to find some locals that I can swap with.
I am horrible at propagating anything, except annuals that reseed themselves... :-) Thanks, Debra

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