Vic Brom Show 08

ozvonAugust 27, 2008

Hi to anyone who is going to be in Melbourne in early October 08...

The Annual Victorian Bromeliad Society Show will be held on the 4th & 5th October b/n 9am - 5pm. Admission is a couple of dollars and is at Phoenix Park Community Centre, Rob Roy Road in Chadstone Melway Ref: 69 D2.

There will be displays, demos and of course, plants for sale.

Hope to see you all there.

PS: I hope it is ok to post this promo - please let me know if it is against protocol and I promise never to do it again!!

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Thanks Ozvon!
I think it's fine to let people know about any brom event here on GW. It's not as if you are making personal gain by sharing the information - much appreciated.
My son lives and works in Melbourne, and I miss him dreadfully, so I will keep those dates in mind, and maybe kill 2 birds with 1 stone.....well 3 birds actually, as it would be lovely to meet you as well.

Hmmm......will give it serious thought. Thanks again :)


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Hi Kerry,

Thanks for the peace of mind.

If you need anyone to twist your arm about catching up with your son AND catching a Brom show at the same time, consider your arm well and truly twisted!!

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Ozvon, it's alright to alert folks about upcoming shows as long as you pay for plane fare and accomodations for us Yanks to attend. ;-)

P.S. and all our plants we may buy!

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You get my vote .. Gonzer for President of GW

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Hey Gonzer and HDD,

Thanks for the early morning chuckle!

You blokes will have to get in line for any of my cash = I have already started to stress about the logistics of accummulating enough cash for the day and how i can decorously represent the Vic Society whilst shoving visitors out of my way in the quest for some wonderful plants.....what if I hide my badge??!!

I tell you what, I am going thru withdrawal at the moment - I have not bought a new brom since May (the start of our winter here in Melbourne). A couple of nights ago, I was kindly offered a lift to get to the Brom Meeting = I had organised to buy $50 worth of mini neos (not caring whether I had them or not .....I just NEEDED to have something to bring home to nurture). Armed with my two shopping bags, I approached the seller, grinning from ear to ear like a numbnut, only to be crushed when he told me he hadnt brought any coz he felt squeamish about bringing plants that I might not want but might feel obliged to buy!!! ARHHHH. After politely saying that 'all was ok' and 'I thoughly understand', I raced to the buyers table only to find that there were only 4 plants left that even I wasnt that desperate to buy. *breathing slowly, calming down* top the night off, I get my first prize in the Novice Section for Neo. Ritzy.....congratulations from all round the room....except that my brom was the only one to represent the novices in the room, it was hard to gracefully accept the accolades. You gotta laugh or you'd cry.
And don't even let me get stated about the shadecloth that i have the money to spend but can't find!

Sorry to unload on you all - I don't know about you but I feel a little better ( my darling husband nor my dear friends just don't get it)

'Avagooday' everyone,
Cheers from Von

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Hey Von, check out the link below...they may be able to help with your shadecloth.

I've got an order on its way of plastic film, & 50% white shadecloth coming from Redpath NZ. They have an Australian base not too far from you. I found them to be very helpful, answering all my questions, & they gave me a few tips on the best options. Many brom folk here use the 50% white knitted shadecloth, & have been happy with the results. Your sunlight is probably close to what we get here, so I'm sure it'll work out well for you.

Cheers, -Andrew.

Here is a link that might be useful: Redpath shadecloth.

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Thankyou Devo for the shadecloth referral :-)
I followed your link and looked up the list for their agents and lo and behold, there was one just up the road from my place - same suburb!! A lovely man told me he could get it But only if i bought a roll of 50 metres......sigh. He made a quick call to see if they would split a roll but they can't. I could just buy the roll but in my life time I would never use it (my back yard is not likely to grow)nor could I be bothered selling the excess.

Thanks anyway :-)
Cheers from Von

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Von check with these people. I think they can help you with the cloth

Here is a link that might be useful: shade cloth

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Thanks for taking the time to post a link :-)

The shop is closed today as the owner (I assume) is at home looking after a sick child - she did tell me that they mostly sell 50 metre rolls but she is going to see on Monday whether there are any open rolls and maybe we can make a deal.

Cheers from Von

.........Frustration at every turn!!

PS: Are'nt you in USA?? How come you are familiar with a store that is about 25min away from my place?? Spooky!

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I talked with my suppier here and they gave me the link to your area :)

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