List the Best Online/Mail Order Sources for Cactus/Succulents!

gittarheero(6)February 10, 2009

So, I did a search of the forum and a lot of people ask for sources for a specific type of plant, but I wanted to compile a list of sites that you go to for all your cactus/succulent needs!

A lot of you in the Cactus and Succulent forum grow your plants from seed or cuttings of plants you have had for a while, or you get them from your local nursery. But for those of us who don't/can't, we turn to online and mail order sources! Name your favorite sites for getting cactus and succulents.

So far I have bought from the following, and had great success.


Mail Order Catalog/Online:


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Just placed an order at Arid Lands this afternoon. I also purchase from Out of Africa, Mesa Gardens, Rare Succulents, Highland Succulents, Grigsby's Succulents, The Great Petaluma Desert,, Shoalcreek, Silverhill seed and Miles To Go

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Well you just named all the ones I have used as well, so now I don't have to. Thanks. Norma

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I've had very good luck with teedeecacti on eBay. I've ordered multiple mesembs(lithops, aloinopsis[sp?], dinantheus[sp?]), an avonia, an euphorbia symmetrica and maybe another plant or 2 that I can't think of right now. Everything's been in great shape and their packaging and shipping costs are great too.

It's too early for spelling...

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Caudex1 listed many of the popular and great on-line nurseries. I have extremely great success with Aridlands and Miles to Go. I agree with wondernugget with using teedeecactus on e-bay and since I collect Gasterias, deal81 offers exceptionally rare cultivars of both Gasterias and Haworthias on e-bay. She offers exceptional service on very rare and hard to get succulents, especially Haworthias. Another great source, both directly and on e-bay is (oldmancactus on e-bay).

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