New Blooms from down under.

junek-2009August 31, 2010

Hello Folks,

I am from Australia, South Coast of New South Wales, to-day is our first day of spring!!

On my balcony I have a pot with two wonderful blooms of Queens Tears with lots of small ones' waiting to pop out, oh how pretty and delicate this one is.

I also have a Vriesea Foseriana (I think) it is the one on the top right of the forum page. It has variegated leaves, this will be my first birth with this plant.

I am a new collector, and so enjoying these beautiful blooms.

Do we still water in the centre while they are blooming ? and is there a need to fertilise ? and what with if so??

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Hi Junek,
Welcome to the forum!! The plant in the top right of the forum page is actually aechmea fasciata. If you want to check on the fcbs website the link is below-
When you are there look to the left and click on aechmea then "F" then click on fasciata and see if that looks like yours.
Keep watering when it is flowering but i do not see the need to fertilze as it is near the end of it's life. Some people do to produce more pups.
We all love broms here, it's called "the brom bug"

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Hi dooleybugs,
Thanks for your reply. I shall be interested to see how this big bloom turns out. Then I shall do the searching as you suggested.
I have notice when looking, certain TV shows, mainly in UK that Bromeliads are used as indoor plants, especially in a show Grumpy Old Women.


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