lis12(z5 IL.)January 23, 2013

Hi all you plant lovers out there. I'm an elderly woman that trusted her neighbor to take care of my plants while I was in the hospital. When I got back, she claimed they died. She probably gave them to her daughter. I really could use anything exotic like a hoya wax plant, and many Epipyphyllum orchid cactus of many kinds. I would appreciate everything.

Lis of Denver

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Just to help you with getting a response, I would suggest posting this on the C&S Exchanges forum instead. This is a dead forumn and is more meant for posting pictures of C&S... although, not many use it for that purpose anymore, they just put pictures on the main C&S forum. You would be more likely to get a response as your post will be seen by more people by putting it on the Exchanges forum. :)


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