Identification and safety

SMagnolia_82March 18, 2014

I have scoured the internet... And being a novice to this plant thing I was wondering, a) what are the names of these and b) are they poisonous to my cats? Thank you!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

The dark ones is Echeveria dark prince. Mine survived 16F under a frost cloth.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

To be precise, the plants on the left and right are Echeveria affinis 'Black Prince' and the one in the middle is an Echeveria or possibly Graptoveria.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Yes, agreed the dark ones are Echeveria 'Black Prince' (but a tweak- affinis should not be included in the name, as it is a parent plant & this is not a named cultivar of the species. Other parent is E. shaviana).
Two plants in the middle could be xGraptosedum 'Ghosty', but you'll need flowers to confirm.
In the back, could be Sedum rubrotinctum.

FYI, Your pic is upside down (on my laptop). If I look from my phone, it is right side up. :) I'm guessing it's posted from a cell phone?

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They're not poisonous, but the kitties, if they initially chew on them, won't find them tasty. They may play with any detached leaves that they cause to fall, however.

RoRo, it's upside down here on a desktop, too, but I just stood on my head to right it.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

It comes in upside down but when I clicked on it the image righted itself.

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Thank you everyone! It's a huge relief to hear that they won't hurt the cats. I love having plants around and impulsively bought these without checking first. Sorry the pic was upside down I sent it from my iPhone.

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They aren't poisonous, but my kitties do love them! As mentioned above, they don't taste good, so they won't eat them, but they can completely destroy them and leave them scattered all over the house. I have to keep all succulents completely out of reach now. Euphorbias are the most dangerous succulents for pets as far as I know, they are poisonous to animals and people, so just watch out for those!

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