Propagating Echeveria

PierreMahoganyMarch 8, 2014

I'm new to propagation and I am experimenting with different sized Echeveria. I've been using the leaves from the flower stalk of the Echeveria So here is my question: does it matter how big the Echeveria is? I've used 1 Qt and 1 gallon sized Echeveria in the past. But I am curious if the small (half the size of the pint I think 48oz but not sure )Echeveria can be propogated. The picture has 1 plants, I'm referring to the Echeveria in the back and not the Hawthoria.

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Here is a picture of some of the small ones. Look closely. They are tiny compared to the big ones

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I don't know that size matters when it comes to propagating Echeveria. I have found some of the caruncles hybrids just won't produce new plants; they may root but that's about it. Some Echeveria will root and grow new plants from flower spike leaflets as shown in my compot pic will produce new plants while others won't. I have repeated tried to grow E. 'Red Ruffles' from its leaflets without success despite their large size. All of the E. chihuahuensis were grown from leaves from a stock plant.

One of the most important factors, IMHO, is that you remove the leave such that you maintain the integrity of the leave end that was attached to the stem; you must remove it cleanly or you'll have ZIP!

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Thank you! I appreciate your feedback :) I've tried to make sure that all the specimens I collected had some plant cell tissue on the end. The biggest cutting which is some sort of Hybrid( the Purple and largest cutting in photo) was the only one I wasn't not able to ensure that I got some cell tissue since that plant doesn't have the same pointy end that most Echeveria's do. But I thought is give it a try none the less.

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