echeveria lauii

labuenaMarch 11, 2014

Hello Everyone
I just obtained two 3" Echeveria lauii. After reading about them in Pilbeam's book I am very afraid of killing them. Does anyone on garden web grow them well? I just received them via mail bare root and have both in terra cotta pots. One is in 100% perlite. The other is in a mix of 50% perlite and 50% succulent soil mix.

I was planning on watering them starting in April and monthly until September or so. Keeping them under glass over the winter.

Any thoughts on medium and watering frequency would be appreciated. Also, full sun or 50% sun/shade like my other echis?

thank you all


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Hi Mark,

I don't have any experience growing them so I can't help you there, but congrats! I have been searching for one for 5 months, they are beautiful. Where did you find them?

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i purchased mine on ebay from "cactusculture". He is out of Germany, and I was somewhat hesitant to buy from overseas, but the shipment was great, and his plants are beautiful.

good luck

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Wow! I've seen their listings many times but I thought there was no way they would make it to me alive (or at all!) That's great to know.

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Echeveria lauii

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Love It!!

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