Are they still viable?

tommysmommy(Colorado)March 16, 2012

My smallest brugmansias have been up in the light for a week or so with no sign of growth. I was afraid I hadn't kept them adequately moist over the winter and they might be dead. But when I lightly scrape their bark there is bright green underneath. So you think that means they're alive and just gathering strength?

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

If they are still green there is hope. I wouldn't keep them too wet, just enough to keep the soil slightly damp until they get some leaves.

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Your Brug should be fine. I don't think that you can under water your Brugs when they are in hibernation. Only over water. I just took about 25 plants out of winter storeage and they all have growth starting. I don't give them any water when they are stored. I keep them in total darkness and around 50 degrees of so. I put them in storeage in October.

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