what is this

sjbaby(4)March 11, 2014

please tell me what this is, it was a gift along with several others, some also in the pic and i dont normaly do cati( not sure about the right term) is there any thing special to do? i had it some where else and it wasint doing anything, so i moved it closer to a window nd it is growing like crazy.

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Looks like a dogtail cactus to me. I have one on my covered patio and it receives bright/high light (only some direct morning sun) and is doing quite well. I only water when its completely dry which is once every week and a half or so in FL summers and only every Month or so in our winter.

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Looks like Selenicereus testudo to me...I bought one not too long ago from a big box store that's from exotic angels that has it tagged very wrong, they are calling it something else... forgot what.

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It has some of the largest flowers in the cactus family.


That's Deamia testudo, what I had thought was a monotypic genus.

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Jeff, this one used to be Deamia, now it is just another Sleenicereus.

sjbaby, by whatever name, it is not a really good houseplant. Growth is vigorous, spines are nasty, flowers are almost unheard of grown indoors. I kept one for years, let it sprawl across the windows, allowed it to crowd out other plants. Nary a flower. It is an easy, forgiving plant. Watch for spider mites. Good luck with yours.

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i can summer it out doors, but the spines must get worse right now they are just kinda fuzzy, thank you for the info.

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