Are we in the Canary Islands? not quite...

euphorbphreak(z10 SF)February 22, 2006

Some friends and I went for a walk Monday down to Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower, which I (shamefully) admit I've never been to in my 12 years in San Francisco. We approached from the west side to the Filbert Stairs, and I saw something that just left me dumbstruck--an entire 500 foot granite cliffside covered completely in Aeoniums! You can only imagine my excitement (my friends thought I was nuts, but I know you understand.) And many were in bloom too!

Here's some shots...all the bright green stuff is Aeoniums. And the shrubs filling in between them are Echium candicans. Such a perfect Canary Island match.

Climbing the Filbert stairs to the top was only better seeing these fine plants all around. And the view from the top wasn't bad either.


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jview(Z7a NY)

MAGNIFICENT! Thank you so much for sharing.


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I have never seen a hill of aeoniums planted like that. I wish more people would plant like that  it is a great fire break & landslide prevention idea. It looks like the aeoniums & echiums at the top of are flowering  it must look great when in full bloom. That hill must re-seed like crazy.
That is a beautiful picture of the bay.

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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Dear David,

Indeed, sir, a lovely shot. One can quite imagine that one is in Tenerife rather than in California....

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cactusdan19(z5b NE)

Can/do you ever collect any seed? I'd be willing to buy some.
Lincoln, NE USDA 5

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Imagine seeing that when theyre all in flower at once!

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