Random blooms and pictures

jeepman69(8b)March 24, 2012

Just some random pictures I took today while out in the yard.

This guy is getting ready for a show, you can just barely make out the touch of red in its crown.

I am not sure of the species of this one, but the buds look like its going to have an interesting bloom.


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Glenn, last one surely looks like flames...and the Notocactus with the yellow/green flowers is lovely - not sure how common this color is in C/S, but nice.

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Great photos! The blossoms in that second photo sure are unusual.

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Those are some nice plants. I've always liked Mamm. 'Huitzi' and who can't like Notocactus with greenish flowers!

The first one isn't a Notocactus u. - to me, perhaps a Gymnocalycium, maybe G. bruchii.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Great group of bloomers & about to bloomers, Glenn!

I was going to say the same as Jeff about the Noto. maybe being a Gymno.
Love the buds in the last pic!

Penny, the things you think are blossoms in the 2nd pic are really fruit. Hey, another LSNFT (Learn Something New For Today)!! And, Glenn, it's spelled M. huitzilopochtli (a zinger, I know)!

Here's mine from a while back, buds starting, buds larger & finally a few blooms. Can't find my fruit pic, but Glenn's plant has WAY more than mine ever did!

I like the spine pattern on this one.

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Yes I was questioning that 1st. picture after it bloomed. It was part of the huge post last week too. But after it bloomed it did not match up with the ID. So THANK YOU JEFF & ROSEMARIE!

That last is one of my favorites right now. Can't wait for it to open. Still trying to ID it and 3 & 4.

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Glenn, What beautiful blooms , sure looks like spring is here! I love the astrophytum, and the green blooms on the noto, TFS.

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Glenn, those are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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Glenn, great blooms :0). I wish Florida would be less humid in the summer to grow more cacti and succulents!
What mix are you using, looks quiet chunky, not a regular cacti mix?


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Thank you everyone for the nice comments! It does appear spring is here.

Aggie - That mix question is a hard one to answer. I have three different ones going right now. Two of them are combinations of Cactus soil, grit (crushed granite), bark, turface, and pumice. The last mix I just started trying this year so I cannot speak to how well it works long term, but it comes highly recommended. It's Al's Gritty Mix. I have started trying it because I had some problems with rot. I think the rot was due to more than the mix though. Some was my ignorance, I would use plain store bought cactus mix. I then slowly started adding more and more grit. I will say the two months I have used Al's mix I like what I am seeing as far as how fast it dries out. It just has not been long enough for me to say anything more than that.

My focus this year is to improve my skills, so I am trying to learn the names of all my plants and their needs. Then adjust accordingly from there.

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Fruit? Oh good grief. I must be blind or something! Don't get me near it. I'd probably try to eat it just to see what it tastes like.

Actually, that is kind of large fruit. Seems like something should eat it, or it'd get pretty messy as it rots.

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