Question on A. pectinata seedlings

brodklopAugust 18, 2010

I have grown these pectinata seedlings and some are white.

My question is will these turn into variegated plants or will they remain as albino and not really prosper.

What has been other peoples experience with these.



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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Brod,
I've always found that white seedlings die once they've used up the food within the seed - no way to photosynthesis etc.

The green ones are looking very healthy though :-)

Cheers, Todd

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Brod, was the mother plant just a plain green pectinata? I ask because unless the mother was a variegate, it's hard to figure out where the albinism could have come from.

I agree with Todd, though. Totally white seedlings generally die off very quickly, and won't become variegates.

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Thanks guys for your comments.
The mother was a normal green pectinata I believe, a friend gave me the seed from his plant.He is in the US at the moment so I cant ask him. I'll let them die a natural death, they aren't taking up much space as yet.



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