Please Help My Ghost Cactus

borrego(Z 10 L.A. Cal.)February 19, 2006

This is how it was when I got it. Told it was sunburned. I have two questions about it. First, will it grow out of the sunburn damage, or will the discoloration always be there? Will the spots continue to grow as the plant does? Secondly, what has caused the 90 degree bend in the plant? Should it be cut and replanted or do I have one heck of a conversation piece if I leave it as is?

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cactusdan19(z5b NE)

It is an EUPHORBIA LACTEA V. VARIEGATA, ghost plant. Yes the scaring will be there until it gets old enough to form a bark covered trunk, long time. As far as the bend, could be a number of things, too much water fertilizer, light direction, something laid on it :-) If I were to make a cut, I would cut in two places. At the fist joint, just above the first branching. Wash the cuts well under flowing water to remove all the latex (it hinders root growth), use a rooting hormone and keep warm (under pot heat mats are ideal for this). I took some cuttings of E. canariensis this fall and kept them on heat and under close lights all winter and they are all well rooted now.
After the cuttings all root/branch/grow, then you will want to keep them in good light. The stump will put up new branches and should in time cover up all the scarring.
Lincoln, NE USDA 5

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