A Knobby for Al

jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)February 18, 2006

Ariole Al had previous shown his Tylecodon wallachii, a nice winter-grower. His plant was knobless, for the most part.

Mine, looking a little worse for transport and having undergone an unintentional limb amputation, is not as knobby as I had thought, but nonetheless has a number of protuberances.

I'm hopeful that it will start to flower in several month.

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patrick_in_fb(Zone 9 So. Calif.)

What does the flower look like on this guy? Is it a senecio relative?

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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Dear Patrick,

That guy (actually a girl, because this plant was carrying a Hermes handbag just before the picture was taken) is a relative of our mutual friends Kalanchoe and Aeonium; however, it's also one of the most toxic of the succulent Crassulaceae.

It does grow like some of the succulent Senecio, though, doesn't it? I frankly hadn't noticed that before.

The flowers are not unlike those found on Kalanchoe orgyalis.

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Sir Jeffrey, That plant is a very nice specimen. Did the mishap occur coming/going to 'the' show? If so, I certainly hope there is a blue bandage.

Let's hope you can encourage the wayward appendage to produce roots.

I have flowers (first one opened today) on mine, a mere babe compared with your 'big mamma'.

Many thanks for the post.


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A photo from the archives:

Thanks to your advice Mr Harris, I'm being much more careful handling this plant.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Is it a senecio relative?

Tylecodon are related to crassulas, kalanchoes etc,(Crassulaceae) but Senecio is a member of the daisy family(Asteraceae/Compositae)

Great looking plant Jeffrey!

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cactus_kate(7b Moab, UT)

Wow, Jeff.

That's all I really have to say. WOW!!! That is a wonderful plant! Why is it being moved? Are you re-landscaping, or is it just moving in/out? What a gorgeous plant!


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