Puya venusta rotted

wantonamara Z8 CenTexAugust 30, 2009

I had some yellow/white mushroom like fungus start growing from the base of my Puya and now it has lost its top really quickly. after ripping off its top leaf by leaf, there is some hard plant at the ground level. Should I just toss it dirt and all in the trash or shall I dig out the plant , shake the soil off the roots, dip it in fungecide and put it in new dirt? I did put some fungicide on the pot already. I removed it from the other plants. I have never had this happen before. It has been during a 2 months of 100 degree weather in Texas. I was probably watering it once a week. It was in part shade. The other puya is AOK

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Hi wantonamara

This is just a fungus that is not harmful to your plant.

Your plant is probably in a humus rich, moist soil ??,
hence the mushrooms, it would be best in a more sandy type mix for better drainage & in full sun with good air circulation.


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

The soil was not that moist but it did have rocks on top that might have slowed down the evaporation enough. We did have a rain about a week ago that might have got it started. I read that Puyas liked RICH dry soil so I gave it potting soil instead of cactus soil. The puya without rocks on top right next to it is fine. I have changed both their soils. I am very hesitant about putting things out in full sun in Texas during the kind of drought we are having. but I will give them more. We are having our first cool front . Highs below onehindred. I woke up to the sound of NO AC!!!! YEA. Thankyou.

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I dont know if it is the same but i had a guzmania that rotted pretty badly from overwatering (my bad!)that seemed completely dead.Was i wrong!I didnt throw it away just moved it in another place and forgot about it...It gave me 3 healthy pups after 4 months of nothingness(...)!I was stunned!you might get lucky too!

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Hi angellilly

I think you just learnt the lesson I've been telling people here in Aus. re their heavy water restrictions they have been on. A lot of their plants are still surviving even with-out a lot of watering, so don't over do it & waste water. Well done.


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