ID. please on this billbergia stunner

brom-bearAugust 15, 2009

Hi I bought this plant today for $10.00 as a bill halaleujah but i'm not sure as the large pup to the right has grown with alot of white. so if anyone can help with the name would be great or dose anyone think it may be a beautiful new sport. cheers shaine

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Shaine,

Nice plant. It looks a lot like Hallelujah. The amount of white can vary hugely and in very bright diffused light it can get a hot pink overlay on the white that sets it off even more. No wonder it was given that name.

This is an old pic of my original mother plant. The image is horribly pixellated (taken on old phone), but I've kept it because the plant was such a beaut specimen. Stunning when it flowers as well.

With plenty of light your plant should end up a stunner. Happy growing. Cheers, Paul

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Hi Shaine,

I think Paul has correctly nailed it. I had a plant of Hallelujah which did exactly the same thing exhibiting lots of white, the year before last.

I was concerned with that much white that the leaf may die but thankfully it didn't.

The subsequent pups appeared as usual with no abnormal amount of white, I guess it's just a "Hallelujah thing".

All the best, Nev.

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Hi Thanks guys. I will mark this one down as Bill halaleujah. I have seen so many different varieations with this hybrid and I totaly agree with the name for this plant. They might be common but they are a great addition to any collection. I hang them high to catch to light to see their true colours.cheers shaine and michelle

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