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tobycross(5a & b)March 11, 2010

Well spring is almost here and soon it will be time to start replenishing our babies! I have the following to trade with either brugmansia or hoya cuttings:

Hoya Lacinosa (limited cuttings)

Hoya Bella (limited cuttings)

Hoya Curtisii

Hoya Imperialis (Limited cuttings)

Rhipsalis Pilocarpa

Aporocactus Flagelli (pink rat tail cactus (limited cuttings)

Pink Orchid Cactus (name unknown)1 cutting

I am looking for:

H. Companulata







Retusa (very much wanted!)



Full Rosea

Suaveolens Rose

Shawnies Legacy

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Toby - Hi there, I see you're canadian. What city are you in? I personally do not have those kinds of brugs, and for many reasons, as nice as sanguineas are I wouldn't bother with that species particularly, though it was one of my and my mothers favorites. It's a fussy one. Needing cooler temps and high humidity - they have a longer growing season then us to. Successful, in Vancouver/west coast. But if you have the room and resources, we'd love to hear a contradiction to the lack of success, as in got loads of blooms.

Everybody wants Shawnee's Legacy. You'd have to email Ruth Ann about a visit her way or whatever might need to be known first before presuming to go there. It won't be mailed out.

Sit tight, it's a little slow here right now. Though, there's plenty that might just take you up on an offer.
You might also try the canadian plant exchange - not that too many go there to swap brugs but you never know.

I've researched Hoya's and though I'm loaded with perennial types of vines and a dipladenia, the hoya's are just absolutely beautiful vines so I'm sure they'll appeal to people.

Happy Spring - Sandy

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