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edwena0316(4MN)September 11, 2009

Do all broms die after flowering? What makes a brom decide to flower ie- conditions, age, size?

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Most broms do. But most of the tank-type broms die after blooming...granted some will last longer than others as they die. They can be triggered into blooming if exposed to environmental stresses (too cold, not enough water, etc) if they think they are going to die and when they get to the right age and just want to flower. Some in the tropics don't want to ever flower as they need a cool period to bloom, some in the more temperate gardens will never get very large as they will get forced into blooming with winter temps.

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Hi Edwena, i really can't say that Broms die after flowering as only the mother plant starts to do so,but the pups that come away carry on and so if left alone will form a clump ,it can take a long time for the mother to completely fade away ,however us humans take the pups of and pot them up singly (most times ) so yes it seems that they die.if you leave a plant like the minnie Neo's alone and it forms a clump you will hardly notice the process ,but yes some species do not make pups so it is quite noticable ,and for us humans some plants look best singly so we dont allow them to clump ,but for most Broms only the flowered part of the plant dies ,i guess it depends on how you view the 'Dying ' processes ,

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Thank you for answering my question. The answers were helpful and I was looking at it as the mother plant that flowers then dies. I love bromeliads and had one years ago that flowered it had the most beautiful flower, I had had this plant forever and of course after it flowered and started to die, I couldn't understand what i had done wrong as this plant was so happy it flowered, I wasn't aware they die after flowering and I threw it away. I think that is one of my saddest gardening experiences I really loved that plant.
what's a tank type?

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Oh, sorry. Tank type plants are Neoregelia, Aechmea, Billbergia...etc. The leaves make a rosette that hold water.

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You should try not to throw broms out until the last possible moment, I retire my old mothers to the brom graveyard - it is an area out of view but I can go down and retrieve pups from the tired mothers.

It is amazing how scrappy and tired looking the plant can be and still produce pups.

It is sad to lose a Brom that you have become attached to, however generally they produce a number of offsets before they die so your collection is always growing.


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