Euphorbia capsaintemariensis help :(

tijance30March 6, 2013

Hello everyone.
I wonder if it is normal for Euphorbia capsaintemariensis to behave like this ..... leaves began to dry but leaves that are at the top. Whole winter it had normal leaves, it did not grow. However, in late February one leaf started to dry, now I see that another is drying to. The picture is little blurry but I think you can see what is happening.

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Your soil is quite unsuitable for this plant from the southern tip of Madagascar - it needs a porous soil, and what you have it in is quite the opposite. Read up on soil here and repot it in a mix that's more suited to the plant. If you can find only perlite, cut that soil with an addition of 75% perlite - the peaty mix you have it in can be ameliorated if you use a high percentage of a material inducing drainage and air circulation. So, in a few words, your plant's not going to look its best in winter anyway (this is primarily a summer-growing species), but it's really taking its lumps because of the soil it's in.

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All Euphorbias from the Madagascar part of the world need to have for soil to provide growth and good health is, anything rocky, grainy, and/or gritty.

Other easy to find mix items include Perlit (as mentioned) NAPA Floor Dry or NAPA Oil Dry and Sifted coarser sands ( NOT PLAY GROUND SAND ) 50 pound bag of construction all purpose sand will still need to be sifted, you want the bigger sizes of the bags gravel.

After rinsed the combined sifted mix should be
30% 30% 30 % with remaining 10 % perlite allow to room air dry for a few hours ( up to 24)

USE extreme care while handling from one pot to the next AVOID contact with a toxic White sap, mist the sap lightly to help it slow or stop. Wash hands and all areas that came close with soap and water after re-potting is done.

As Jeff said drainage needs to be fast your soil in pic is eventually going to compact tightly choke it's roots and rot the remaining top .

Not mentioned is where you live by zone or location. Either way at this point for the one in pic re-pot as soon as you can.

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I re-potted my plant. I hope it will survive.
Thank you very much :)

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Bright and warm it may drop it's leaves it has but new growth should be seen in due time. If not wait a couple weeks slowly intro it back to watering by short stream sips at outer rim side of pot no gulps.

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They can only take so much dryness in a small pot. Mine is next to a hot sunny window all summer..and its gone through it all..thriving, defoliating when I've forgotten to water . And its done that for about four years now.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I happened across this old post while doing some research about my plant that I thought was E. capsaintemariensis, but had been questioned by someone. They were under the impression it grew more flat and not upright. I don't know if the originator of this post is still active or will even see this, but I am curious as to the outcome? I also wonder if the plant is E. decaryi? I note the leaves are not as "ruffled" as one would expect on E. decaryi, but that could be due to how it's being grown????? Yet the stem is dark in color and very rough like E. decaryi??????

So does anyone think my plant is something other than E. capsaintemariensis????

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Howard, You have the best of every plant I have seen. Very healty and well grown. I know you will do some thing with those flowers when they bloom.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Thanks Stan. That is one of my seedlings that is about 4 yrs old. And, yes, I will be pollinating it with my stock plant.

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