Can anyone tell me if this is root rot or under watering?

cyneoMarch 8, 2014

Hi I am very new to succulents but i really love them so when this fella started to look weird I decided to dig up the decorative rocks that came with it and i saw this. I tried to touch the soil, but it is hard and needed some digging to get past the surface.

I have not done anything much to it since i got it last week. i tried pressing the leaves, and most of them were hard like they are supposed to be(?) and one or two of them felt like dried sponge. I think this is underwatering? but i am not sure.

I killed 2 plants from over over watering already so I am very hesitant to add more water to the plant.

Do advise!

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I gave in ti my panic instinct and watered it. After wetting the soil, i used a tooth pick to loosen the soil. From the looks of it, the soil is moist and there is no 'leftover' water. I hope i didn't damage the roots too much and that i didn't water too much that i risk root rot =(

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deva33 Z5 SE Iowa

I can't tell from the pic if it is root rot or not. The soil looks very dry, so I would have watered it too. Is it still in the soil you purchased it in? If so I would recommend repotting it in fresh soil. You can find treads on here for soil combinations. Hope that helps!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Looks at a glance like rot coming up at the bottom. Is it soft & or mushy? That would be rot for sure & would need to be cut off completely.

Sorry, but that looks like rot at the base of that plant, will only spread over time.

Pls. be sure the pot has a drainage hole -- if not there will be future problems as well.

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I didn't see that darkness at the base of the OP's plants. Let's hope it's just the lighting and not rot. :/


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Unfortunately it isn't the lighting... But the dark area doesn't seem to be growing over the last 3 days. Is it recommended that I treat it as rot and try to slice it off and replant?

Photo is the picture of it after pulling it out of the soil. The dark parts are hard. Some of the 'petals' which were spongy 3 days ago are now hard. Not sure if that is due to uptake of water.

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Also if i need to repot, is the soil in the background ok? I just dug it our from storage somewhere and i think it used to be fish tank sand...

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Looks like it sat in moist soil for too long as got stained- do leaves freely tug away from the plant? If so then that's a surefire sign of aloe root rot. I've had some do this just from humidity so be careful with that water useage. Don't water it unless it looks floopy or starts to get yellow. I would also not recommend anything that came from a fish tank. Too salty. Use a well draining mix with little organics.

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