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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)February 24, 2006

A closeup on a bifucating head of Graptopetalum superbum, a Graptopetalum formerly known as G. pentandrum v. superbum

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Jeff, I have a very different looking plant that came labeled as G. pentandrum v. superbum, but it's more blue/purple and has much thinner leaves that those pictured above. Below is my plant for comparison. Do you think its original label is correct, or has my plants real identity been lost to indiscriminant hybridization?


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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Gee, Brad, I just don't know. But first, that's such a gorgeous plant! The sheer farinaciousness of it is striking, as well as the hues of purple; obviously a well-grown plant.

There's something in there that makes me think that it's a hybrid - perhaps the length of the leaves, or the size of the rosette. Still, I could be all wet, and what you have is a genuine Super Bum (as your tag indicated, it used to be a subspecies of G. pentandrum, but now it's been given its own specific and not subjugated under another).

Here's a pic of mine, unfortunately not a particularly good one, showing the whole plant. I'll take a better one soon.

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