bent-over succulent and id please! thanks!

bunchiesFebruary 20, 2007

PLEASE HELP. This picture is from last Summer when I first bought it, since then it grew and grew and grew (and looked great!) and is now 15 inches tall. I came home from a weekend away and I found it totally bent over! Like lying on it it's side! Everything else about looks good except it suddenly won't hold itself up.

Was it a lack of water? Could it be the cold temperature in the house at night? I make sure not to over water it, so maybe each time I watered it, I didn't soak it enough. It almost seems like it wasn't supposed to grow so damn tall. But, then why did it?

Someone on this board told me that my succulent is probably an Echeveria. So, if someone also knows exactly what it is I'd appreciate it.


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webkat5(Z6a MO)

I am unable to ID your plant, but if it is an Echeveria, it seems to have etoliated from lack of light. Has this plant been growing in a sunny window?

You may be able to save your plant (or cut off the top and reintroduce it to the soil), but someone else may have to pop on here (you might post on the main C&S forum).

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