30 different cacti care help. incl. Astrophytums

mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))March 2, 2014


SO I have just got a new lot of cacti for a fantastic bargain (works out at 41pence each).

so here is a list of them
mammilliaria elongata, sheldonii,gracilis+ 'bunty', bocasana 'multilanat', spinosissima 'unopico',
prolifera, spinosissima, collinsii, perbella, hidalgensis, collinsii v.tehuantepeck,
hamatocatus hamatacanthus
gymnocalycium minanovichii
aylostera kupperiana
echinopsis hybrida
trichocereus pasacana, spachianus
myrtillocactus geometrizans
austrocylindropuntia subulata
opuntia leucotricha
lobvia hybida
sohrensia formosa v.nivalis
weingartia lanata
ferocactus glaucescens
astrophytum myriostigma 'nudum', asterisas 'multihybrida', bisops hat, asterias 'multipunctatum', ornatum

I will also post a link to drop box folder of the images( sorry its in Zip format over 30 files 127MB).

I would like to know how to care for them from how much water when and rain/tap, to temperatures and light and when they might flower.

it is alot of information i am asking but i dont want to kill them.

I have had a Silver torch from seed (my self it's now 4 years old and is foot and half talk with 2 stems (it did do a third but i ended up cutting off to root for a friend)

I know Astrophytums are quite hard to care for so what advice can you give me?

(they will be kept indoors on window cill that has sun from morning till 3pm (at moment) in summer it's from 7am till around 8pm)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cacti images

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Well. Well, well... I'm not willing to download your pictures but I can recommend using a photo sharing site like photobucket or flickr.

I think you haven't had any responses yet because your question is too broad. Caring for succulents can't be wrapped up in a paragraph. Cactus grow in the summer, generally. It's the perfect time of year to establish your plants. You may want to research soil - your soil looks very thick, not enough drainage. This depends on your conditions.

You haven't provided much info on your conditions. This is very important when seeking advice. If you're in CA, there's a whole different set of rules than, let's say Montana.

You say you're growing on a windowsill, sounds like a south facing window if you're getting that much sun. You should get them outside as soon as it's safe - won't get frozen.

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))

arh never thought of photobucket. I'll redo that when I am at a pc again.

and they are on window cill in Sun all day. room temps are between 12C and 25C (sometimes hotter for my coconut palm) I do have a grow light (125W blue spectrum 6400k) that is on 10-14hours a day. but that is being used for my other tropical plants. (coconut ,sago, papaya pomegranate, guavas and more) I normally forget to water my other cacti but they are never allowed to shrivel (then I risk over watering)

the soil is
3part John innes #2
2parts sand (can only get hold of fish tank silica sand (500-800microns) (.5-.8mm)
1part perlite

they was watered with room temp rainwater (spray bottle 6squirts each) (they have just been potted from 2" pots to 4" as started to over grow they was planted in just JI#2 then.

what soil would you recommend? (I ha e a vert small garden centre that I have to order things normally)

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))

here is the link to the photos on photobucket


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