Id please

paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)September 17, 2009

Hi everyone, had these in clumps in the garden for many years but never got around to finding out what they are. If anyone can help, that would be great.

Flowers just starting to open, petals a cacky greeny colour and short-lived, but orange sepals/bracts stay around for a while:

Leaves fairly stiff, dull green, toothed, dark blue/black in vase:

Sure its a common one but it takes too long to go right through fcbs. Interested in your info. Cheers, Paul

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Paul it looks like some type of Quesnelia but I have no idea which one. Best of luck....;)

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Hi Guys

Aechmea hybrid, so many of these who knows ???, but the petal colour you have, is a good indication that it is a hybrid with a blue petaled Ae. x with a yellow petaled Ae. take your pick which.


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It has that Ortgiesia alliance look, but doesn't match any of the species in that group (see link, specifically cat. 2-a), so Ross is probably right about it being a hybrid, particularly given the greyish-lavendery color of the emerging petals. Perhaps Ae. comata is one parent, and maybe cylindrata is the other, or something along those lines. Just a guess, I'm not finding a match searching those as parents.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ortgiesia

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