US Neoregelia hyb need ID

allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)September 6, 2009

Hi all, this neo has been in Australia for a few years and was sold to me as Neoregelia Scarlet Charlotte, the color is cerise not scarlet.

I know this is not the true "Neoregelia Scarlet Charlotte" even though it possibly came from the same breeding.

Would any one know the correct ID as would finally like to label it as it was named by the hybridize?

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The ID on your plant is correct.

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Why do you think it's not the real Scarlet Charlotte, Allan? Hard to make a definitive ID from a photo, but it looks about right to me too.

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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Hi minxie and lisaclv, Was under the impression that Neoregelia 'Scarlet Charlotte', was actually into the red shades not cerise in color?
Looking at the; Photos by Michael Andreas on the site has always confused me about this one.
Thank you for your input. I think the plant is an excellent plant.

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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Allan,
As soon as your photo loaded (before reading your post) I instantly thought it looked like Neo Scarlet Charlotte. The colour of Neos can change quite a bit due to temperature and light levels.
As Lisa says, it can be tricky to ID from a photo. Also, some colours can misbehave for the camera.
Cheers, Todd

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Hi Allan,

I'm also think of N.Scarlet charlotte. Your plant looks close to mine. As others mentioned, the color of plants changes especially during flowering period. I think colour of flowering plants published in FCBS is slightly disorted, It's not true colour. ;-)


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Very pretty.

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