Hoh salzmannii

bromaholic(9)September 5, 2009

Hi All...I am the proud (and nervous!) Dad of a Hoh salzmannii; and it sure is a big 'pup.' He stands about a metre high already.

My question is about habitat and growing conditions; any info or experiences that will help me attempt to replicate these conditions as best I can.



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Photo please Shane. The size of the one on FCBS is incredible - not exactly for mounting in trees. Do you know what kind of flower it gets? Looks like you've really hit the jackpot this time!

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I think it is one of the ones that has been either tossed into the Aechmeas or combined with Ae. floribunda. FCBS has some pictures of it flowering under Ae. floribunda. By the pictures it looks like they can take full sun, but the ones I'm helping care for (and desperately waiting for flowering and seeds) are in pretty shaded conditions and it doesn't sound like they have flowered in that garden. So by those two things I would assume a ton of light if not full sun.

And pictures, pictures, pictures. They are beasts.

This picture doesn't do them justice. Even with the dwarfed Guz flower. Leaves are 5-6 feet long. The cups are a solid 6-8" wide all the way at the very bottom.

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fdnpedro(NSW north coast)

Hi Shane

Pedro here from Europe. Just an idle moment between collections! As suggested the Aussie plants are actually A floribunda which varies a lot. The other Hoh ex NQ but with fragrant purple flowers, H lanata, is also A floribunda. I won't go into why this name problem occurred but I'm sure it has been written about after Derek, others and I did some investigating. The taxonomy is very much Aechmea, not Hohenbergia.


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Hi All...apologies for slow recognition of your answers; family crisis!

No pics sorry Jennie as camera is out of action, but it does look a lot like Andy's photo - although not as green. So me thinks mine has been sun grown; which is what I will try with it.

And hey Pedro - nice to hear you made it to Europe safely as well. Enjoy the autumn up there! That is such a long way to go! (Bring back some rain pls!!)

You (and Andy) are correct re it actually being Ae floribunda; and i accept that my lanata is also that - so now I have 2. (At least the lanata is not huge [yet])

I saw Kerry's lanata today and it's just like mine also.

Both my "supposed> salzmannii & lanata came from FNQ sellers.

As they say, 'at least I have a nice plant' that I like and now what it/they are.

Thanks again!

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Hi Shane,

How is your Ae floribunda going. Has it set any seed. I'm chasing this one if you want to sell a pup I would be greatfull. Any photos would be appreciated.



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